What is a website developer?

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what is a website developer

What is a website developer?

Website developer duties... what is a website developer?

A Website Developer is someone who programs scripts that dynamically create web pages. A Website Developer is more focused on the way a website works than how it looks. The Website Developer will typically use specialist text editors to manipulate HTML, code in PHP and JavaScript. Website Developers also work with databases such as MySQL and programming languages.

Website Developers have the following skill sets:

  • HTML.
  • Some CSS.
  • JavaScript and Ajax.
  • PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, or C++.
  • MySQL Database.
  • Website Developer Project Management.

Companies looking for Website Developers are looking for people with a strong programming skills that can build and maintain websites that function well.

Website Developers typically won't be asked to create the look and feel of a website.

Website Developer is a Programmer

Some people use the term Website Developer to mean Computer programmer or administrator. Website Developers are sometimes asked to do all back-end work that runs on the Server and rarely do anything in HTML.