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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design

What is Graphic Design? Information about graphic design from Designer Web NI.

The artistic representation to produce images is called graphic design. There are many different packages available and being used by Graphic Designers to produce custom graphics. For best effect, it is best to create unique images for each project. Images for a project can be made to have a similar look to produce a theme of custom graphics.

Graphic Designers produce their artwork for a multitude of applications. Custom graphics are used on practically everything in life. Consider the graphics on: cars; lorries; camper vans; caravans; mobile homes; packaging; crisp packets; confectionery wrappers; boxes; transportation material; stationary; promotional items; merchandise; websites; emails. For producing a magazine, the graphic designer may receive text, photos and graphics. Taking the material into context, some new graphic designs may be produced for the project. This artwork will then put the the other material and laid out to produce the new design.

Graphic design is used to produce custom graphics for things that we use every day. Think of using a website without graphics (like back in the 90's), it would not be exciting at all. It is common these days for Graphic Designers to manipulate photographs with software packages such as PhotoShop. Being end-user focused, it is the job of the Graphic Designer to produce artwork which is exciting and inviting the target to engage with the item.

Graphic designs and website themes are created to put consumers into buyer mode by making them at ease as they navigate through a familiar layout. Usability of a design is what makes it engaging and interesting, may it be for a website; magazine or brochure. Graphic design for websites is a bit different than for printed material. Consider that graphics being produced for a website must be fast loading (so file size and compression is an issue), also there are different devices that the website will be displayed on with different screen resolutions. Excluding websites, graphic design covers a vast array of applications.

Anyone can use a variety of colours and fonts then throw on some stock images, but it takes a graphic designer to produce an exciting image that will be engaging. A visually pleasing webpage or brochure is much more likely to be discussed and shared by potential customers, so even if the person viewing your material does not make a purchase from you immediately, they would be happy to return or you may get sales from their recommendations. Remember that positive recommendations are worth more than a faceless advert, especially a poorly presented one.

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Unlike website design, graphic design has been a passion of humans from the days of the cave men. Consider the artwork in the caves at Nerja, Costal del Sol, Spain. They were produced 25,000 years ago (and only discovered in the 1950's). These early graphic designs would have been exciting being lit by flaming torches while telling stories with graphical aid. In the Renaissance period, Michelangelo produced much more elaborate work with complicated and engaging art pieces including statues and paintings, these are still studied in great details today. Today graphic design is absolutely everywhere and affordable and used by all.

As a job, graphic design is needed everyday. Budgets can range from a few pounds to millions for graphic design projects. Obviously, to be any good, a graphic designer must have talent an understanding of the project and a creative imagination. Across the world, the job of a Graphic Designer is a popular choice and can be quite exciting. Anyone with a pen and paper can make a doodle, but to be a Graphic Designer, it takes talent and a different level of thinking.