Information on Facebook

What is Facebook?


Description of what is Facebook, the general social media website of choice for millions! Facebook is the social media website used by millions of users worldwide. It certainly wasn't the first and not the latest one either. By not targetting any particular nieche like other sites Facebook has Fan pages and Groups that people can join. Other social media sites target certain groups of people.

Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Its name comes from a colloquialism for the directory given to students at some American universities.

  • Facebook for every personon the planet with Internet access.
  • Bebo for people belonging to particular educational establishments.
  • MySpace for musicians to showcase their music.

We can see from those points why Facebook is so popular. It is also a totally different platform and experience to Twitter.

Searching for Facebook

Searching for facebook on google produces a mere 67 results. Does this mean that Google does not like Facebook? Perhaps it is because Facebook uses the https protocol rather than http. The search results on Google are staggering, there is bound to be at least a million links to Facebook including home page and internal pages.

Facebook charges

On too many occassions Facebook users have been panicked by other ridiculous rumourmongers and shared the ridiculous statements regarding Facebook charging for using the site, just like dating sites. The usually go on to say something ridiculous like "I'm going back to Bebo or MySpace". It does not seem to matter to them, nor do they understand when they are told something simple to put their minds at ease like "Facebook can't afford to charge their users. They would loose a fortune". Facebook makes a clean fortune from advertising. If they charged people for using Facebook, then people would simply stop using the service and the advertising revenue would come to a halt. The only people left on Facebook are the sort of people that do not have a life.