Mobile ready websites

Responsive design is used to
create mobile ready websites

Mobile ready websites

Mobile Ready Websites

Surfers are using mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) in ever increasing numbers to access the Internet. It is essential to have your website accessible on these mobile devices as well as computers.

Smart phones make up almost half of the mobile phones purchased in the UK which means your customers are accessing your website in a more mobile and varied way than ever before.

If your website is not responsive to mobile platforms it can be detrimental to your lead generation, customer retention and ultimately the professional presentation of your business.

Currently, it is extremely important for you to respond to the fast changing world of technology.

At Designer Web NI, we create responsive websites using the latest advanced technologies, we build websites that automatically adapt to suit the resolution of the screen and browser window size that it is being viewed on. With responsive design, websites will work effectively on desktop browsers, tablets, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones and the numerous other mobile devices.

Your website is probably your most cost effective business investment. Using responsive technology you are protecting your web design investment and maximising the time spent on your site. You don't want surfers to click the back button when they see an entire webpage crammed into a screen.

Rather than building separate websites, and even separate mobile apps for different devices (Apple / Android / Blackberry), with a responsive website you build it once, create content once and build it in confidence that it will work well on future devices.