Brochure Websites

Perfect for small businesses or start-up business looking for an initial online presence

Brochure Websites

Perfect for small businesses or start-up business looking for an initial online presence, a brochure website created by Designer Web NI will fit the bill perfectly. We can create beautiful designs, custom logos and graphics, and even photography edited with powerful digital image manipulation tools. We can produce spectacular brochure websites with our range of professional skills and powerful creation and design tools.

A brochure website is a great way to let your current and potential customers know more about your business. Many people these days will not deal with a business if they can't find them on the Internet as a website is a very small investment. Brochure websites tend to cost less than one tiny advert in a National newspaper.

Besides being environmentally friendly, a brochure website is significantly more cost efficient than a printed brochure due to the nature of the medium, i.e. if information on a printed brochure becomes outdated or obsolete, the whole brochure is redundant. Your brochure website will be easy to update and amend at a fraction of the cost of a reprint and without having to dump old printed material.

Professional affordable brochure website design is difficult to find, many companies professing to offer such website design services will provide your business with nothing more than a poorly-coded off-the-shelf package and a downloadable PDF catalogue or even worse a 'cookie-cutter' flash website made from a Flash template.

No matter how pretty or flashy your website design is, without any on-page search engine optimisation, your website will never be found on the Internet. By implementing carefull on-page optimisation, we will make sure that your website will be found on the Internet by real people searching for your product, service or business. Off page search engine optimisation to your brochure website will boost your website traffic and conversions.

Planning your brochure website

All websites should have a clear purpose, whether you have simple brochure website with a few pages or a larger more complex website, you will need to give your clients/customers an effective and engaging user experience. During preparation of your brochure website you should plan the following carefully:

  • Provide a purpose: let website visitors know immediately what your business is about and make it clear what they will gain from using your brochure website and services
  • Know what you want from your visitors: to subscribe to a newsletter; to contact you directly; to make an online purchase; or to view your portfolio
  • Know what your visitors will want: Look at it from your website audience perspective – what is it that they will want to see?
  • Know your Unique Selling Points, Features and Benefits: Make sure you include these USPs in your content and make sure they are seen
  • Have a Call To Action: Each page should be focused on driving towards a given action

Example Brochure Websites

Oriole NI Brochure Website

Oriole Wine Education

Oriole Wine Education needed a brochure website to provide information on the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) courses provided for the hospitality industry in Northern Ireland.

Designer Web NI created a logo for use on the website and business stationary. A unique brochure website was developed to showcase the courses and includes custom random images on each page load using PHP.

View website:

AQ Engineering Brochure Website

AQ Engineering

AQ Engineering needed a brochure website to showcase galleries of their work.

Designer Web NI created an easily navigatable site using modern technologies to display galleries and featurebox. Using PHP, JQuery, HTML 5 and CSS3 to make this mobile ready responsive website.

View website: