Professional Audio Production

Music and messages
to greet your customers


Most businesses invest both time and money to create a professional image to show their customers. Take into account how much money you spend on headed paper, business cards and your website. When your customers are placed on hold they are likely to be presented with silence, which leaves them wondering if their call has been forgotten or ignored.

You can have a bespoke audio production with original music creatied with a custom voiceover script. It is important to keep your customers enterained during their time on hold to prevent them from hanging up and trying a competitor.

Customers will be placed on hold at some stage. Use this time to cross sell your products and services, keep your customers informed of changes to your business and most importantly reassure them that their call is important, you will return to their call and that you value their custom.

Audio Production

The audio production team create original, modern music compositions to entertain your customers. Every business is different, therefore the range of music styles has something for every client ranging from modern classical, suited to professional business, to upbeat light dance tracks for the more adventurous clients.

The entire audio production ia licensed, including music, on a direct licence basis, which in simply means that no additional fees in relation to Public Performance Licence or Performing Rights Society Licence are required.

Voiceover Artists

The voiceover artists find a tone and tempo to suit the message to be conveyed to your customers. You may wish to use alternate male and female voices to mix the talent on your production, or use youthful and mature voiceover artists for different parts of the script. With access to voice talent agencies throughout the UK and Ireland, you can be sure of the right voice for your message. With a little bit more in your budget, we can get a celebrity voice to work on your production. The right voice to be the voice of your business can be found.

Voice Prompting Auto Answer

With a professionally recorded voice prompt, your callers will be greeted friendly and presented with a pleasant and engaging voice to guide them to the appropriate department. Whilst considering an On Hold Music production, an implementation using the same professional voice and sound theme from the outset, your entire telecoms system will contain the same professional theme, sound and voice throughout. This will leave your callers with the experience of consistency and sound branding throughout their call.

On Hold Music Production

Options of a managed service with regular updates for a monthly fee or one off production with a lifetime licence. It is best to keep your audio production up-to-date and engaging, thus ensuring you are making the most of this valuable marketing opportunity. Multiple sites can be managed remotely with updates being sent securely to your telephone system over the Internet. The professional music production team work tirelessley to ensure that the music is both fresh and relevant. All of our music is licenced under a direct licence agreement which means that no 'PRS' or 'PPL' licence is required. View the on hold music FAQ for further information.

Out of Hours Audio Messages

Professionally greet your customers when you are closed with Out of Hours Marketing Messages. These professional voice prompts are similar to an On Hold Marketing production to entertain and promote your products whilst you are closed. The Out of Hours audio recording can inform customers that your closed and plant a seed in their head for a sale! Just because your business is closed, this does not mean you don't have a message to get across.

The professional production team and professional voice artists will create a consistent audio theme to greet your customers throughout their call experience.